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23-Dec-2023 | Posted By : Anand

Companies, particularly those in the professional services market, are always looking for new ways to boost their visibility while retaining long-term, solid client connections. This is a beautiful employee gift set, one of our most popular corporate gifts in Singapore. We appreciate this custom corporate gift set, and we'll talk about the benefits it will bring to your business.

They will create excellent promotional products for businesses, according to our Customise Lanyard printing Singapore. All of its benefits are listed below:

Printing on a pad:

Pad printing is a technique for transferring a two-dimensional image to a three-dimensional object. It employs an indirect offset printing technique. A picture is transferred from a silicone pad stereotype to a substrate. Pad printing is used for things that are difficult to print on, such as promotional or technological items. It can also be used on appliances, sports equipment, and toys.


Debossing and embossing are techniques for imprinting images on paper, leather, or vinyl. They are common in luxury packaging, including paper bags, cosmetic paper boxes, and rigid boxes. Embossing is the process of pressing an image into a substance such that it rises above the surface. This is a procedure that our team is well-versed in.

Printing using a roller:

We know how to get your company's name out there without costing you a fortune at Luminous printing. We believe simple but effective roller printing solutions have a place in a world of billboards and television commercials. That's why we are popular for having the most outstanding print services in Singapore, offering a comprehensive choice of professional solutions designed to set your business apart from the competition.

UV (Ultraviolet) Printing:

UV printing is a type of digital printing that uses ultraviolet light to dry or cure ink while it is being printed. The ink cures or dries almost instantaneously. We can print on practically any material, up to a thickness of 13cm, be it smooth, rough, or rounded surface, using ultraviolet light to cure ink on surfaces quickly. More adaptable than traditional solvent printing, it is appropriate for more characters, including wood, glass, and 3D items. At Luminous Printing, you will receive the best service.

Service of laser engraving:

Our laser equipment can not only cut through materials, but it can also engrave them. We can engrave on wood, acrylic (plexiglass), crystal, leather, ceramic, and other materials with our cutting-edge Laser Engraving Machine. We accept various file types, including AI/DXF/PLT/DST/BMP/JPG/PNG/NC/JPEG. Laser Engraving Service, like Laser Cutting Service, charges by the amount of time the machine uses.

Printing on die-cut stickers:

There is no extra backing sheet on the edges of custom stickers. We construct a one-of-a-kind shape based on your design using cutting tools and equipment that are state-of-the-art. Only Square and Rectangle shapes are available, which are ideal for your demands and budget. An auto-cutting machine is used to cut stickers off the sheet. Simple die lines are the most effective. If possible, avoid creating stickers with sharp edges, as the cutting machine may not be able to perform an exact cut. The best results will come from die lines that are smooth and straightforward.

Hot Stamping:

A colored foil is sandwiched between a hot stamping die (engraved image) and the print in the hot stamping process. An area of the colored foil will be transferred to the track's location where the colored foil, hot stamping die, and print meet after the hot stamping process. The standard dimension for hot stamping is 1′′ x 2′′. At least 5mm must separate the hot stamping region from the trim edge. If the desirable stamp area is more than 1′′ x 2′′ or is within 5mm of the border, there will be an additional charge.