How to place an order?

Start your customization journey with Singapore's most affordable T-shirt and Corporate Gifts Printing service. Follow our easy How to Order guide to begin.

Is there any minimum order quantity?

For various types of products, the minimum order quantity varies as follows:

  • For T-shirts or Polo Ready Stocks: The minimum order is 10 pieces. For orders fewer than 10, please consult with our customer service. Certain T-shirts and printing methods may be available for low-quantity orders.

  • For Corporate Gifts Ready Stocks: A minimum of 50 pieces is required. Some selected gifts and printing methods may have different minimums. Tote bags can be ordered in as low quantities as 10 pieces.

  • For Custom Made Apparel: The minimum order quantity is 50 pieces.
What is the lead time for Normal Orders?

For typical orders, lead times depend on the type of product and its availability:

  • For Ready Stocks: 5-7 business days, following design confirmation and depending on stock availability.

  • For Custom-Made Apparel: Initial sampling takes 1 week upon design confirmation, followed by 2-3 weeks for production upon sample approval.
What is the lead time for Rush Order?

Rush orders can be completed within 3 business days upon confirmation of the order and design proposal, subjecting to stock availability as well. Please contact us to confirm availability.

Can I have a printed sample before mass production?

We generally offer plain t-shirts or client-specific printed samples due to the high tooling and setup costs associated with various printing methods, such as silkscreen printing and embroidery. However, there are a couple of options for those interested in samples:

  • For Bulk Orders: If you plan to order 500 pieces or more, you can request a printed sample for free, pending order confirmation.

  • Alternate Option: You have the choice to pay a non-refundable fee for tooling and setup to receive a sample without committing to a bulk order. The cost will depend on your specific printing requirements.
What are the factors that affect the costing

First of all, it depends on the printing method you use and the items you are purchasing for your T-shirt or corporate wear.

Here are the factors:

Complexity of customization design


Dimension of printing

Number colours for silkscreen printing

Number of location of the artwork (Front/Back/Sides/Collar)

How would I know how much it will cost for my design customization?

You may email us your enquiry with your design attachment to us. We usually respond within 1 working day or even within hours.

Will the colours use for the apparel or gifts affect the pricing?

NO, you could mix and match the color of apparel or gifts; you could even mix with other types of apparels like polo, windbreaker, hoodies, shirts (As long as the printing and location of the design is the same on your garment)

Is it possible for me to print with different silkscreen ink color using the same design? (Eg, white T-shirt print in black, and black T-shirt print in white)

Yes it is possible, but there is additional costs apply to it, depending on the total number of the colors chosen.


For T-shirts, I saw there are cotton materials of many different brands, what is the difference?

We import different type of cotton material from different manufacturer; like our own housebrand, Oren is from Malaysia, Gildan is from US and etc

This goes for the drifit T-shirts we have as well, there are various range of drifit , like drifit eyelet roundneck t-shirt , Drifit Mesh, Drifit smooth interlock and etc

However, we also have blended T-shirt which comprised of cotton and polyester. Lastly, the costing for all materials is different as well.

Can I print my own items like uniqlo T-shirt, taobao gifts or any others brand apparels?

Yes, it's possible to use your own items for printing. In such cases, we will only charge you for the specific printing service you choose. However, there are some things to note:

  • Material Check: Before proceeding, consult with us to ensure that the material of your item is suitable for printing. We may conduct tests to verify compatibility.

  • Liability: Please be informed that we will not be responsible for any damage that may occur before, during, or after the production process for items you provide.
Can I mix different products of T-shirt brand or gifts?

Yes you can, as long as the same design applies to the same location of printing on the apparels or gifts chosen.

May I have the comparisons of the material thickness of t shirt/ polo?

HC01 Cotton Honeycomb > 73800 Honeycomb EasyCare Polo > 76000 Gildan Premium Cotton > CT51 Basic Comfy Cotton > LP Series Drytech > Drifit Eyelet/Mesh

Is there any white color apparel material which is thicker with no problem of see through due to thin material?

Unfortunately, all white color fabric t shirts have this issues.

How do I know and double ensure that I order the correct item?

Get the information of apparels catalogue or corporate gifts catalogue from our website, and check on the item code and color code. Our invoice will also state the color option that you have selected for you to double confirm.


Artwork requirement.

High resolution recommended 300 dpi at the finished printed size. Preferred file extenstions:*.bmp,*.gif,*.jpg,*.tif,*.psd,*.eps,*.ai. This is to test your design, zooming in on the image and see if the image becomes very pixelated.

May I know if there is any mock up for our reference?

Yes, the design proposal will be provide for your approval before sending it to production for mass printing.

How would I know on the look of my end product?

No worries about this. There is a design proposal that will be sent to you for your approval. Free edit and amendments for 2-3 times are available for you after check the proposal. Without approval, we will not proceed on any printing for your order.

How long will I be able to receive the design proposal?

Free edit and amendments for 2-3 times are available for you after check the proposal. Without approval, we will not proceed on any printing for your order.

What if my design does not match the resolution requirement?

You can refer to our Artwork Retrace Service page for more information or You may send us the artwork file that you have on hand to check on the resolution.

  • If your design is simple like font type, shape or the picture can be found on Google, we will help to redraw and trace it out for a higher resolution artwork to match our requirements.
  • If your design is very complicated with many details, design charges will apply (Subject to the complexity of the design), we have our very professional designer for solve this design issue for you.
I do not have a software to create the design, can I ask Luminous Printing to help?

Yes. For simple design, it is free of charge.Our designer could help you to draw it by using software. However to expedite the process, you must have a rough idea of what you want, you could provide some google image resources or your research for our reference.

There are charges apply if you require a professional skill of graphic design. Please check with us on design fees by sending us your idea of the design you want. Click on this link to check out on our designing services.

Can I change my design after the design proposal is confirm?

No. You cannot change the design after the design proposal is approved or confirmed. There is an exception if the production has not yet proceeded with the printing. There probably will be extra tooling or set up cost applied. 

Can I print any design that I want?

Certain logos and artworks are trademarked or restricted. These are the logos and artworks that are not allowed for individual use. For example, the Liverpool Logo. Moreover, we could not print logos with copyright like Disney, Superman and etc. Please do inform us if you have been authorized to use the copyright and we could do the printing.

How much do you charge for graphic design service?

It will depends on how complexity of your design requirement. For more details, you may refer to our graphic design service information.

How much do you charge for artwork retrace services?

Retrace artwork services will be charge $10-$80 depends on the complexity of the design and spending time. Do refer here for our artwork retrace services.


What are the printing method do you offer for corporate gifts?

1- Pad printing
2- Debossing
3- Heat Transfer
4- Roller Print
5- UV Print
6- Hot Foil Stamping
7- Die-cut Sticker & Decal
8- Engraving

What are the printing method do you offer for tshirt?

1- Silkscreen Printing
2- Embroidery
3- Digital Heat Transfer
4- Vinyl name and number
5- Direct-to-garment (DTG)
6- Foil Printing

What is Pantone Color or PMS Color Chart?

Pantone color / PMS is a color chart guideline use in printing industry. You can refer to our pantone color chart for checking out part of the basic pantone color code.

When to use Silkscreen Printing?

When your printing is a large order and requires a lesser in number in terms of solid colors (1-3 colors). It is the most economical for this criterion.
However, it will be expensive if your order quantity is below 10 pieces.

When to use Digital Heat Transfer Printing ?

If your design is a picture or having multiple colours, this is the only method can be used. 

Do take note that digital heat transfer does come with a bleeding line.

What is bleeding line: Bleeding line is the protection line that gives us some allowance not to cut in to the artwork when we tear out from the sticker (Material of heat transfer) It would be 95% same color as your tshirt base color. 

When to use Embroidery ?

If your logo is small, plan to locate on the left or right chest area of your apparel (Eg. Polo). It could also be done on corporate gifts like bag, towel and caps.

When to use Direct-to-Grament (DTG) Printing ?

If your artwork is multicolour or with gradient color and have a longer dateline. The costing is higher and turn around time is longer than other printing method.

When to use Vinyl Transfer Printing ?

If you would like to have different individual name or number

When to use Foil Printing?

When you want your printing result to have a gold or silver foil finishing.

Which printing method is most long lasting?

Embroidery >Direct-to-Garment > Silkscreen Printing > Digital Heat Transfer / Vinyl Printing / Foil Printing. 

How do I know which printing method is suitable to my requirement?

You may send in your enquiry with the artworks attachment to us. We could advise you the most suitable printing method to be use on T-shirt or corporate gifts based on your requirements.

Otherwise, you may also find out the differences between all of printing methods or services we have here. 

Why is there a sticker feeling for heat transfer printing method?

The sticker feeling comes from the heat transfer material used, which is the Vinyl Paper. For this printing method, we need to print the color/gradient artwork on the vinyl paper in order to heat press the artwork on your garment/T-shirts.

Payment And Delivery

What are the payment methods?

50% deposit payment can pay via bank transfer or cheque, which is most preferable. You could also pay via cash on the spot.

50% balance payment will be collect upon collection/delivery.

We also accept government institution or organization via Gebiz or E-invoice via Vendors.gov.sg

Do contact our management if you have required payment terms, it will be subject to company approval.

Do you offer delivery services?

Yes, multiple delivery options are available. For more information, please check this link.

Can I make self-collection?

Yes, self-collection at our SOHO sales office (Luminous Printing) is completely free of charge. Do contact us to ensure the item is ready and inform salesperson about the time that you would drop by. Just in case if we missed out your order.

100% Customer Satisfaction

What happen if the item is printed wrongly from the design proposal that I have approved?

We will rectify the issue. If your printing color deviation is very significant (Eg. Red instead of Blue, Pink instead of Red), we will provide you a replacement as soon as we could for free. However, we will not reprint if there is only small color shade deviation. Even you have provided us a color pantone code, there will still be around 10% color tolerance. This color tolerance is acceptable in this industry due to various reasons like model of computer or the screen brightness. Moreover, all silkscreen printing pantone colors are hand stir by human. Hence, the tolerance is acceptable in this printing industry.

What happen if I get a different color of apparel from what I order?

If your apparel color deviation is significant (Eg. Red instead of Blue, Black instead of White), we will provide a replacement as soon as possible or free. However, no replacement will be provided if there is only small color shade deviation between the image shown online and the actual product.

Why does my white colour printed design have a pinkish shade on the red color T-shirt or polo?

The reason is because silkscreen printing is a waterbase printing and white color silkscreen printing ink will sink into the red color base T-shirt. Hence, causing it to have a pinkish shade.

How do I wash my t shirt / apparel?

Proper care ensures longevity:

  • Turn the apparel inside out before washing, and use a mild detergent.

  • Wash in cold water, either by hand or machine.

  • Do not bleach or soak the printed areas.

  • Avoid using a dryer.

  • If ironing is necessary, do so inside out.
Why do the sizes I bought do not match well with the size chart provided?

Due to the nature of bulk production of apparel, sizes may have +- 5% -10% tolerance for dimension of the actual product. For size chart, you may refer to Size Chart Information .

What happen my item do not deliver or ready on time?

We will rectify the issue. We would most likely provide a discount rate for your merchandise printing. Alternatively, full refund will be provided if you would like to cancel the order. We hope you could give us a chance to make the replacement.