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There are different Singapore Tee shirts printing techniques as a result of they fulfill desires, trying to find a fast answer on that we had to choose one, we would select digital screen printing.


*For additional info on the various sorts of Singapore T-shirt Printing techniques and customised Singapore Tee shirts Printings, do not forget to contact our printing specialists. They are perpetually quite happy to answer any queries.


Singapore Tee shirts Printing Techniques Infographic

If you are in an exceedingly hurry, we have summarized the key points for every of the material printing techniques within the highlights section.


Digital Screen Printing – the digital screening technique for Printing in Bulk


About Digital Screen Printing


Digital screen printing is among the in style, established, and widely used amongst execs, once it involves in-depth orders.

The process involves digital screens to use ink to the Singapore Tee shirts Printings.

Also referred to as silk digital screen printing, digital screen printing could be a versatile and effective printing technique that permits you to supply Singapore best T-shirt printing with outstanding quality and a tactile feel and, as a result of the inks absorbed deeply into the material, potential to realize vivid, bright cloth colors and most sturdiness.


The Digital screenwriting


Step 1: Produce your style:

As with any printing technique, the primary step within digital screenwriting is to form the design. This can be any style software system out there on the sale should be exported within the needed final format for digital screen printing (see successive step).


Step 2: Info the File

Save in vectors instead of pixels vector that make lines and figures on monitors contrast to operating with pixels, expand or minimize. These vectors the maximum amount as you would like, while not impacting the standard as being saved as a vector, the design should even be separated, with every color on a distinct layer. That is often a result of, within the digital screen printing every font is printing employing a different digital screen.

Once the planning is finished, the designer should produce a version in solid black and print it onto a clear film. This is often done to damage in the sunshine (see step 5).


Step 3Cover the digital screen with emulsion

Next, the mesh digital screen is coated with a sensitive emulsion that creates the inexperienced background you may have seen on a digital screen printing digital screen.

This is a method that is done fast to confirm that the liquid is distributed equally.


Step 4: Let the digital screen dry:

For the sensitive emulsion to compute properly, it should be left to dry in an extremely cool, darkroom. If the emulsion is exposed to light-weight at the incorrect time, it might jeopardize the total method.


Step 5: Produce the stencil:

Once the digital screen is dry, the planning is placed on high and secured in site employing a soft adhesive. The digital screen is placed below a powerful supply of light. The elements of the digital screen with the planning can harden can remain soft. In effect, the planning has currently been burned into the emulsion.

After around an hour, once the digital screen is dry, the planning is removed employing a tiny brush and water. A negative part of the design is left, the digital screen is currently able to use for printing.


Step 6: Separating the cloth colors

If your style options are quite one color, the method is continual so every color of your style is separated into individual layers on totally different digital screens. So, if your style has the best cloth colors, want digital screens.


Step 7: Apply the planning:

Now the digital screen is prepared, time to start the particular printing. The Singapore Tee shirts printing are placed within the digital screen machine, with the digital screen fastidiously placed on high. The ink can then be placed on high of the digital screen and equally distributed across the surface employing a squeegee.

Again, if the planning contains multiple colors, this method is continual for every color.


Step 8: Heat solidifying

Once the Singapore Tee shirts printing is written, it will get to be heat cured to confirm that the print is sealed and remains in situ. If you skip this step, the planning can fade before long because the Singapore Tee shirts printing washed.

During curing, that ink has an ideal temperature to hit bond with the fabric. Differing kinds of ink got to be cured at totally different temperatures and for various lengths of your time.

Although this may appear an extended method, every digital screen is used multiple times, which means the technique is economical and excellent for larger orders.



Digital Screen Printing Variations


In conjunction with digital screen printing with several variations to provide creative, daring, and stand-out finishes with special effects.


Puff Printing Technique: 

Puff printing follows setup and processes as normal digital screen printing will manufacture beautiful 3D effects. The ink used remains a Plastisol-based options foaming agent that reacts to heat. This technique may be accustomed to create your style or brand stand-out or produce a novel style.


Gel Printing: 

Gel digital screen printing adds a coating of high-density gel on the digital screen printing Singapore Tee shirts Printing, making a 3D coating that ensures the image stands out. This method may be accustomed produce a range of tricks, while not the requirement for complex, long printing strategies.

Gel printing is sturdy, versatile, and eco-friendly and may create with multiple best material colors.


Crackle finish: 


This digital screen printing gets dried and breaks variation apart, for a pretty and cracked result.


Glow within the dark finish: 


Glow within the dark digital screen printing follows a lot of a similar method as ancient digital screen printing, solely slow within the dark inks area unit accustomed to create the planning, or a part of the planning, glow within the dark.


Once written, the planning appearance is gray or off-white. But, flip the lights off, and also the ink glows within the dark!


This is a standard technique of retail purchasers and selling and events agencies whose purchasers to outwear from the group.


UV glow finishes Photo chromic inks modification color after they area unit exposed to ultraviolet light applied within the same approach as digital screen printing inks the planning can look off-white till exposed to ultraviolet light reveals the chosen color.


Suede finish: 

Suede inks can provide your digital screen written Singapore Tee shirts printing a tremendous, rough-textured end.


Glitter finish:

Digital screen printing adding glitter very create that finished stand out. The inks created that make sure that the glitter stands out do not peel the Singapore Tee shirts printing.


Digital screen Printing professionals and Cons


Digital screen printing offers some professionals and cons once it involves delivering large-scale orders of written Singapore Tee shirts printing:



The Pros


  • Digital screen printing produces high-quality prints.
  • The technique produces daring, vivacious colors because the inks were sometimes thicker than those employed in different printing techniques.
  • Is that the best in terms of speed and efficiency? Once the digital screen has been created, digital screen printing is the fastest of the month. Some digital screen printing machines are quick they will print up to 4600 Singapore best T-shirts printing in one hour.
  • This methodology is flexible, permitting you to combine up any color you prefer and make special finishes. Some machines have digital screens sufficiently to suppress a whole Singapore Tee shirts printing which ends in all-over printing.
  • Digital screen written styles provide longevity due to the thick inks digital screen prints are far-famed to stay their quality for years and years.
  • There a range of digital screen printing inks on the market that may be accustomed produce a range of effects and textures.
  • a comparable quantity of setup is needed for one Singapore jersey printing as 1,000 Singapore Tee shirts Printings, it is good for bulk orders.

The Cons


  1. The time spent printing is considerable but the planning and also the digital screens – this end in high prices, these prices increase even once ordering low quantities that seem to be suggested with digital screen printing.
  2. It may be tough to print tiny runs and often a minimum order amount.
  3. This methodology is suggested for photo-realistic pictures.
  4. This printing methodology is ideal for complicated, multi-color styles.


Digital screen Printing Myths


Here some of the myths close digital screen printing:


Digital screen printing inks ECO-environmentally friendly:

A range of digital screen printing Plastisol ink as this is perishable and far higher for the surroundings than older kinds of ink. Water-based digital screen printing inks are environmentally still. These inks use pigments that are in an exceeding water solvent base. And, as a result of they contain completely no plastics they are so much greener than ancient inks, even Plastisol inks.

Not solely these organic, water-based inks are higher for the skin and manufacture written Singapore Tee shirts printing that feels lighter and breathable, enhancing wearability.

Once water-based inks are used, the digital screens and instrumentation may wash down plain water that may be washed the drain, while not inflicting environmental injury.


Digital screen printing recreates gradients


Today, the subtle digital screen printing machines will recreate tiny color changes, combining the inks in an exceedingly approach that creates them seem like a gradient. However, though this is potential, gradient printing remains considerably than with strategies like direct to garment printing.


Digital screen printing is just for large-scale orders


While digital screen printing itself utterly to wholesale orders or a larger order, but even can run smaller orders. This depends on the printer and also the style it is going to be potential to run a small order of custom written shirts with an easy style of 1 or 2 best material colors.


Digital screen printing on Singapore Tee shirts Printings


An advanced printing capable of digital screen printing custom styles on much any product or textile, digital screen printing turns out high-quality prints on dark materials. Whereas this won’t to be the case, digital screen printing techniques have developed considerably over the past few decades. New inks and processes mean the current potential to print your chosen style on even the darkest of materials and acquire high-quality results.


Digital screen printing will crack or fade:


The latest inks and tools facilitate forestalling the cracking or attenuation of digital screen-printed styles.

Digital screen printing is slightly for uniforms,

This is clear of the reality of digital screen printing Singapore Tee shirts Printings and different product good and usually used for events, as giveaways, for promotions, commercialism, and much more.



Bulk printing Singapore best T-shirts Printing for Businesses in SINGAPORE


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From the instant you get minimum order quantity customization, one in every of our printing consultants can answer your entire enquiry and realize economical solutions to your wants. It matters wherever you are to print Singapore best T-shirts printing in Manchester, we to print polo Singapore best t-shirt printing company in corporate t t-shirt guys and all over in SINGAPORE.


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Which is best for Cotton jersey Printing?


Are you considering beginning your own printing company or commerce your whole of custom cotton t-shirts? If affirmative, then you ought to remember the distinction between the printing techniques. Why? as a result of printing ways appropriate for specific materials, and it might conjointly rely on the number ordered. In addition, the technique you may select is going to be influenced by what number of colors you have got within the style that you simply wish to print. Some variables and factors have to be thought of before you start printing.


Digital screen printing has created an enormous impact on jersey printing, and there new rising techniques nowadays. However, the normal manner still is staying in a concert of the most effective choices. A printing to as plastisol transfers use a mixture of pressure and warmth, which is an awe-inspiring alternative reckoning on the requirements of the shopper.


This is often your final guide to creating and commerce quality custom tees.


Cotton jersey printing ways for Quality Tees




Did you recognize that this is often a common and well-known technique for shirt printing? It's been used from early! Currently, it may be done by hand or with the utilization of machines for the screen printing inks result of thicker, which can build the written style last longer with spirited and true-to-life colors. High-quality links are crucial to make sure they won’t fade instantly.


This is a possibility for people who need bulk printing factors would like to observe for dimensions of the look. The squeegee pressure applied volume of strokes, and also the mesh count to the number of shirts print on ink for screen printing, it's cost-effective.



  • The ink is absorbed by the shirt deeply, achieving bright and vivid colors with extreme durability.
  • Once everything is ready on the website, the volume of shirts styles may be printed quickly.
  • It's well-suited with the majority sorts of materials the correct inks and screens.



      • It’s mussy, not suggested to try to it in very tiny areas.
      • It wants an enormous area to line up an honest screen printing space.
      • Area should be dust-free and dark to preserve ink and screens.
      • The design placement is limited.
      • The training curve is steep.




 Its inkjet technology that may print full-color, wonderful quality, and photographic prints on a jersey directly. It's compatible with design or styles that are too difficult for alternative printing strategies to require, like screen printing, for instance. DTG uses a machine that includes a huge color commixture potential that lets it print even the foremost very little details.


If you simply want one to 5 shirts, this can be the choice. It is to fill up a blank jersey and print the planning at once while not having to try to do multi-steps to finish the printing.



  • You’ll be able to print as several colors as you wish.
  • Compared to screen printing, the set-up time for DTG is low. The printing of cotton shirts may be half-hour.
  • The machines aren't that huge, and it doesn’t take up a great deal of area, which permits a lot of quality in your space.
  • The ink cartridges machine enables any spillage contrast to screen printing.
  • The DTG machines print on the material directly feels the “print” after you attempt to bit it.



  • It’s appropriate with 100 percent cotton shirts or materials containing high amounts of cotton. The soft shirt is a lot of intense the printing results.
  • DTG machines may be super expensive.
  • Over time, the colors wash out.
  • Design placement is proscribed.
  • The machine for DTG printing desires maintenance.




One of the foremost famed variants of warmth transfer printing is Dye-Sublimation Printing. It is done by digital printing graphics and heated that the dye is transferred to the t-shirts.


Dye-sublimation printing on dye-based ink as once heated turns into a gas it differs from alternative heat transfer techniques for the rationale that mistreatment heat, time, and pressure causes dye-based inks to travel from solid to gas then back to everywhere once more. It is distinctive within the sense that the gas joins the polyester, which seems to be a part of the fabric and not solely a layer on prime.


Dye-sublimation printing out will screen neither printing nor DTG printing in terms of the all-over print results. Hence, the distinctive style in all-over print t-shirts lets stylists all categorize themselves and create t-shirts.



  • The ink becomes a part of the shirt, creating it last longer.
  • It's soft to the touch and is breathable at constant time.
  • The printing style does not crack, deteriorate, or peel.



  • The folds and pleats or components beneath the sleeves keep uncolored.
  • It solely works with poly-blend shirts.




Heat press printing works like dye sublimation, in fact with variances. It's effective in smaller numbers of t-shirts moderately straightforward to jazz if you would like to check your style. Once every of the most edges of this method can copy Byzantine styles. The result is a soft, nice shirt with a bright style. You got the choice to utilize the complete vary of colors to realize the well-liked outcome.


One issue you wish is that the paper. Once the planning has been printed on this paper, heat, and pressure are applied to repeat it on the jersey. Once done the paper is removed, and also the excess dye is stripped off. It’s a method this sort of replication is in hot water ceramic decoration.


It is a choice that may be nice for home production. Quality is high, and no limitation in style. It works nicely on lighter materials suggested for materials with low heat sensitivity.



  • A cheap method for little quantities.
  • A method that's fairly specific to perform.
  • Nice for home production or beginning a business in shirt printing.
  • Reproductions are of fantastic quality.




  • Not nice on darker materials.
  • Not appropriate with t-shirts that can't handle high heat.
  • Printing takes longer.




The main issue choice is the cutting method in contrast to the opposite strategies mentioned in precise cutting for the fabric pattern can be applied once on the material. It's smart for the lowest and bulk quantities. But, primarily used for little styles like logos and makes notice this sort of printing within the sports business.


To tailor the well-liked style, it starts with utilizing a knowledgeable CAD cutter to transfer the planning on the jersey it will want the warmth press methodology.


You can play with varied colors since a vinyl cutting machine is used it is for styles as a result of the shirt can lose its flexibility once the planning has been applied.


It may be the substitute to screen printing in terms of mass volume production quick and easy. However, it desires a quiet printing instrumentality CAD cutter is required to make the patterns.



  • Nice with tiny and huge orders.
  • Big selection of colors and styles out there.
  • The shirts are sturdy.
  • Style does not crack.



  • Desires a CAT cutter.
  • Best for styles.
  • The pliability of the shirt is reduced.




In advanced times, machines are the printing on the material recent ways in which still exist. This method is popular by hobbyists since they need all the liberty to precise and experiment with their concepts the result can depend upon the talents.


It may be one of the printing strategies a sprig or material paint is employed to paint the shirts. Checking the standard of shirts beforehand is crucial in terms of selecting the class tees colors.


The process is the color is directly applied or sprayed on the tee shirts to try to attend for the paint to dry up. One issue here is colors sturdiness, which can dissolve in time.


This is an ideal methodology for artists World Health Organization needs to own a lot of distinctive vogue in their wear brands.



  • Style decisions are unlimited.
  • It is cheaper.
  • Expertise in making the styles on the shirt manually.



  • Fewer leads to sturdiness.
  • The planning quality is lower.
  • Not an excellent choice for bulk orders.


How to Market Your Shirts Effectively


Are you puzzling over anticipating your stocks or written shirts to arrive before selling your tee shirt business? You have there are many ways in which for you to market your complete beforehand, this way, what to expect in terms of the amount? Planning that is most popular by your market, and different factors. However, you continue to get to confirm that your stocks are on your manner so as not to be along with your delivery.


Tip #1: Use Mockups on Your website


You can post the engaging styles of your shirt on your website have models wear them. However, not all have the time and budget to rent models and do a photo shoot. Tee shirt mockups facilitate selling your shirts a lot professionally and elegantly while not having to go away from the comforts of your home or workplace.


Tip #2: Promote with Shirt Ad Mockups


You can use social media in promoting your business like Facebook or Instagram. For example, it is easier to focus on your market through these platforms than to add shirt mockups with texts like “Summer Sale” or “Discounts” to convert or stimulate your market to travel to your website and search.


Tip #3: Purchase video selling


Video selling is not pricy even within the comforts of your home create videos or models that carry your custom-designed shirts transfer the videos to your social media business pages, and advertise there.


The Best Technique

Choosing the technique can depend upon many factors need to require a note of the subsequent.


Best Price-Quality Technique – the simplest technique in terms of value versus quality would be screen printing.


Best Technique for Large-Scale – the simplest methodology for giant or bulk orders is screen printing.


Best Technique for Printing quick – the simplest method in printing quickly is heat transfer printing.




Now we tend to return to the key question – of the four different types of printing on material, is that the best printing technique?

All of the Singapore T-shirt printing strategies mentioned provide their own sets of benefits and drawbacks, and the best printing methodology for your project can depend on many factors as well as your style and the size of your order.

The best technique for large-scale – a technique for bulk printing is digital screen printing.

Best value quality technique – a technique on price vs. quality is digital screen printing.

The best technique for printing quickly – the simplest technique for printing is transfer printing.


For more data regarding garment printing techniques and customised Singapore Tee shirts printing, please get in reality with our team of printing high quality specialists.





FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


How much will it price to digital screen printing Singapore Tee shirts printing?


The cost of digital screen printing a Singapore Tee shirts printing can depend on many factors, including:

  • The amount of best material colors needed
  • The quantity of Singapore best T-shirts Printing you need
  • If the Singapore Tee shirts Printing is white or color


Here is a rough summary of the prices for digital screen printing at Luminous:


  • A 100 Singapore best T-shirts Printing with a pair of color print onto a color Singapore Tee shirts Printing – or so *** per shirt
  • 200 Singapore best polo t-shirts Printing with a three-color print onto a white Singapore Tee shirts Printing – or so *** shirt
  • 500 Singapore best T-shirts Printing with a four-color print onto a white Singapore Tee shirts Printing – or so *** per shirt


How long will it desire digital screen print a Singapore Tee shirts printing?


It generally takes us around 5-7 working days to print and deliver digital screen written Singapore best T-shirts Printing to addresses inside the SINGAPORE.


Which material is best for digital screen printing?


Digital screen printing is an implausibly versatile printing technique. All materials are printing this, apart from dri match, Hoodies, Jackets, sweatshirts, cotton tee shirts, Basketball suits, company jackets, and fleece dri match, Hoodies, Jackets, sweatshirts, cotton tee shirts, Basketball suits, company jackets, wherever the embroidery is suggested.


How does one calculate the price?

It will depend upon the sort of garment, quantity, colors, location.

How am I able to scale back the value of my order?


You will print white t shirt printing. Use fewer colors. Increase the number of your order printing method locations on the shirt.

What printing methodology is best for me?

 Screen printing is ideally utilized in six or a lot of items. DTG is chosen for people who have but six items or if you wish to use a lot of colors.


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