Top 10 Corporate Gifts Idea as Giveaway to company staff

02-Aug-2021 | Posted By : wren

Every year-end, Luminous Printing will always receive a quite number of corporate gift enquiries or emails. As a director and Human Resources person in charge will always planning to get a corporate gift with printing as an appraisal to their workers.

Forgiving out a gift with a corporate logo printed on is a win-win situation for both parties. Most of the workers will think that this is an appreciation for the company. It is not enough for a worker to satisfy if just the increase of salary or getting the bonus,  but a gift will make them happy.

Other than a gift appreciation,  a company Gala dinner or dinner & dance (DND) will also look for a corporate gift as a souvenir to the attendance. To let them have a good memory when seeing the item after the event.

Besides for corporate usage, there is quite a number to make corporate gifts printing for their wedding dinner, corporate event, and other functions. This would also carry out the personal image or company image toward the audiences. Choose the useful gift idea that would be always in use in daily.

So, Luminous printing has tabulated out the top 10 Corporate Gifts Idea that are always selected by our client as a giveaway.

Below are some of the selections.

1- Powerbank / Portable Charges

2- Bluetooth Speaker / Bottle Bluetooth speaker

3- Travel accessories (Luggage scale, travel lock set)

4- Mug or Cup

5- Vaccum Flask (For holding hot liquid)

6- Backpacks (Anti-theft Backpack)

7- Laptop Sleeve / Laptop Bag

8- USB Thumb drive / Pendrive

9- Premium individual Name Metal Pen

10- Tumbler / Drinkware

For more other corporate gift options, you may refer to our website catalogue. Do contact us if you have any enquiry or need any quotation.