Vinyl Transfer Printing

1.What is Vinyl Transfer Printing? Individual Name and Individual Number.

Vinyl-Transfer-Name-Number- Vinyl Transfer

Loving the sporty feel for your team, Vinyl Transfer printing is best for a sports jersey.This is the printing that literally shouts out to the world that you are a team! Vinyl is not only the best for the sports team, but it is very popular among the young generation to use this sports theme for Class T-shirt printing. Well, we can say Vinyl printing is more or less similar to Digital Transfer printing. It’s just that the feel and texture of the material used are different.

Vinyl-Transfer-Individual-Name-And-Number Vinyl TransferIndividual names and numbers will be printed on the

cutting machine. Discarding the excess part of the printed artwork, it will then be transferred to the garment using a heat press machine. The final results will definitely have you blown away with the impactful presentation.

2.How much is Vinyl Printing charges?

  • Dimension of the design
  • Numbers colors for the design

3.What apparel & items can be used for Vinyl Printing?

  • Any tshirt material
  • Any polo shirt material
  • Hoodies or Jackets
  • Short Sleeve / Long Sleeve Shirts
  • Blank Fabric

4. What are the advantages and disadvantages of Vinyl Printing?


  • Can be used for most of the fabric finishing (Tshirt, polo, tote bag, jacket)
  • Customization of names and numbers are available
  • No minimum quantity needed


  • Not long lasting, can peel off with time if used and washed too often.
  • The printing name and number in limited size. 5CM Height for a name, 9 inches height for Number
  • Colour of the vinyl material is limited.
  • Dual tone needs to be charged as normal heat transfer.

If you are going to have vinyl name and number to be printed. Contact Us. we will guide you how to fill in an excel format form. It could easily make the details completed and printed accordingly.