How To Order?

Choose Lanyard Strap Size

Choose lanyard straps of differing widths for your customized lanyard. Luminous Printing has different widths of lanyards for your selection 1 cm, 1.5 cm, & 2cm. However, the color selection will be restricted according to the sizes you have selected.

Step1 How To Order (Lanyard)

Do your selected widths of lanyard affect your printing? Yes.

This is because some of the fine logo printing will require a wider width of lanyard space for the printing. The bigger size or details design will require the biggest size of the lanyard.

Choose Lanyard Material

Choose between 3 different types of lanyard material to your own liking. Each of these lanyard materials gives a different look and feel to your customized lanyard. The material will also restrict your printing methods.

1. Smooth Nylon / Satin Nylon

Smooth Nylon is a material most to be used for lanyard printing. It is the only 1 material that can be used to print full-color heat transfer as in the surface is smooth and shiny.

It’s also very durable and comfortable just because the fabric is thin and light. The smooth surface would create a much better printing result compare to a rougher surface.

Step2B-150x150 How To Order (Lanyard)

2. Standard Tubular

Tubular is similar to the shoelaces. It is made of the tube-stitched polyester material You can feel that this material thick and comfortable. But the sizes & colors of lanyard are limited, but it is the most economical & cheapest among the rest.

Step2A-281x300 How To Order (Lanyard)

Choose Lanyard Strap Color

Choose between a wide variety of colors for your lanyards which you can choose from, or customized to a specific corporate color if you require it.

Step3 How To Order (Lanyard)

As Luminous Printing is always concern about your item to be printed is unique, thus we understand that the colors of the lanyards are a matter for our customer. It plays an important role and represents customer corporate branding. Thus, we have various color options that our customer to be select, but it will limit according to the lanyard width that you selected.

At Luminous printing Singapore, we always ensure that our customer is 100% satisfied with the services that provide by us.

Choose Lanyard Accessories / Hooks

Choose from the various type of lanyard hooks to complete the set of your lanyard. Different type of hooks carrying different usage for holding your belonging. So free to you to mix and match the accessories.

Step4B-300x188 How To Order (Lanyard)

Step4A How To Order (Lanyard)

Choose Lanyard Joining

Choose to have your lanyard stitched, buckle, riveted or crimped to suit your customized lanyard look and feel. Each of these lanyard joining methods will also have their pros and cons, Buckle is the most recommended as in you can removing your belonging by release the buckle without takeout from your neck.

Step5 How To Order (Lanyard)

Choose Lanyard Printing Method

Choose to use either long-lasting Silk-screen Printing or colorful Heat Transfer Printing for your customized lanyard!

A-Lanyard Silkscreen Printing is one of the most common lanyard printing methods for its durability and vibrancy of the printed colors. This printing method is the same as the T-shirt or corporate gift silkscreen printing, it is charged based on the number of colors.  Thus you have to go with this method when your artwork is in lesser colour. Gradients and shadings effect is not allowed to be print, multi-colour will also cost you quite a lot. Definitely, you have to go for this method when your logo is in a single color, it is cheap.

Step6A1-300x242 How To Order (Lanyard)

B-Lanyard Heat Transfer Printing is using CMYK printing color method and is known for its multi-color complexity prints which allow for gradients and complex design to be printed. Even though the printing result of the heat transfer print is not that vibrant as clear as silkscreen printing, it is the only method that can print whatever which the silkscreen printing cannot be done.  The result of the printing will amaze you for sure

Step6AB-300x300 How To Order (Lanyard)

Step6B1-300x119 How To Order (Lanyard)

Require a safety breakaway buckle? (Optional)

Does your customized lanyard need this breakaway buckle? Yes, it is for safety

The Lanyard Safety Breakaway prevents the wearer from being choked or strangled by the lanyard. It is generally stitched in the back of the lanyard and is designed to come loose when a lanyard is snagged or pulled on with force, thus this is a highly recommended add-on.

Step7 How To Order (Lanyard)

Choose Lanyard Card Holder (Optional)

No worry if you need a card holder from Luminous. We offer a different range of cardholders for your selection such as PVC, PU leather, hard case and etc..

Step8 How To Order (Lanyard)

Do you require a card ID/staff ID? (Optional)

Furthermore, we also offer a landscape or portrait design of ID card. Most of the card either come with a punch hole for holding with the lanyard.

Step9-Card-ID How To Order (Lanyard)

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