Digital Heat Transfer Printing

1. What is Digital Heat Transfer Printing?

Dark-Digital-Heat-Transfer-with-bleeding-Line-1024x768 Digital Heat TransferHeat transfer printing is also named as Digital Heat transfer, Digital heat press or Iron-on transfer. It is commonly used when a photo with multi-colour graphics or gradient graphic is printed. Heat Transfer is whereby we are required to print the artwork first and only then it will be transferred it to a carrier, which we call heat transfer paper/ vinyl rubber type paper, and heat pressed onto the T-shirt or any apparel. How do you do that? Like just… how did it sound so simple? With just a printed artwork of our choice, have it gradient, all colour with complicated features and it will be stuck to a piece of garment by just heat pressed?

While you are still wondering on how it could be possible when digital transfer printing sounded so complicated, here’s a short and brief steps to let you know “The Magic” of Digital Transfer Printing that has the artwork lays firm on any garments. It is quite simple actually, you just need to take note of this three important factors; Time, Pressure and Temperature. See, it is as easy as “Sugar, Spice and Everything nice”; Setting the correct time, using right amount of pressure, with the correct temperature of the heat press machine, the artworks that is digital/ heat transferred will be able to achieve an exact masterpiece of what you imagine for your apparel.


Digital-Heat-Transfer-01-1024x859 Digital Heat Transfer

Hence, this is also one of the the reason why you could print any artwork on almost every type of fabric. Furthermore, you can feel the vinyl material on the surface of your hoodies or t shirts. It is something that everyone would not getaway without hovering fingers over the finishing artwork on a garment.

Some of customers love the feeling of having the sticker finishing. However, that is not all. Since this is the only printing method that could transfer the exact artwork to the apparel, it minimized the colour lost from the original artwork.

2. How much is Digital Heat Transfer charges?

  • Dimension of the design
  • Location of the printing

3. What apparels and items can be Heat press?

  • Any tshirt material
  • Any polo shirt material
  • Caps
  • Short Sleeve / Long Sleeve Shirts
  • Tote Bags
  • Work wear , corporate uniform , chef uniform and etc…
  • Apron (Polyester or Cotton)
  • Backpack with available blank space
  • Blank Fabric

4. Can digital heat transfer provide glow in the dark material?

Yes, Luminous Printing offers heat transfer with glow in the dark printing material.

Digital-Heat-Transfer-Glow-in-the-dark-01-1024x629 Digital Heat Transfer

5. What are the advantages and disadvantages of digital heat transfer?


  • Can be used for most of the fabric finishing (Tshirt, polo tote bag , jacket )
  • Able to transfer a photo, multi-colored artwork, gradient effect to any apparel.
  • No minimum quantity require


  • Not long lasting, can peel off with time if used and washed too often.
  • The material costing for printing is not economical. The bigger the design for printing, the more expensive.
  • Not recommend on bigger design print (Eg. A3), as the vinyl sticker layer will cover the tee shirt.

Digital-Heat-Transfer-With-Bleeding-Line-300x225 Digital Heat Transfer

The materials and machine that we used are imported from Italy; in order to make sure that the best quality is provided to our customer as promised.

If you have chosen us for this printing, the design fee is free-of-charge.