Embroidery Singapore

1. What is Embroidery?

Main-Embroidery-2-1024x768 Embroidery

First of all, embroidery is a very professional printing method by using color thread to sew onto the apparel, gifts or caps.

If you attempt to provide your apparel with a more professional and corporate appeal, look no further than this method. It enhances the look of a t-shirt, adding a premium touch apparel. The patterns and designs produced through embroidery are known to last a lifetime. Using an embroidery machine, we allowed up to 10 colors to be sewed onto a fabric in complete precision to form the desired design. Luminous Printing used the highest quality of machine for our production.

2. What types of thread are we using?

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Luminous Printing is using FUFU Threads, a china imported thread manufacturer, which have more than 40 colors for customer selection. Our professional production worker will help you to match the closest colors base on your original artwork. If you are looking to include individual names and titles in a classy way on your apparel, we can do that with embroidery as well.

3. Looking for embroidery name tags or badges for School, company or society in Singapore?

You are in the right places. Not just embroider the corporate logo onto the uniform, we also embroider bulk badges or personal name tags for school usage. The quantity needs to be bulk, as in the process is done in mass.

4. Have you heard about glow in the dark thread?

This is the latest trend that happening in tshirt printing Singapore industry. You can embroider part of your logo with glow in the dark thread. Which means that part of the logo will glow when in the dark area. Sound attractive right? You can try now! Embroidery-Glow-in-the-dark-1024x560 Embroidery

5. How does embroidery charges?

  • The dimension of the Embroidered design
  • Numbers colors of the Embroidered design
  • Number of stitches of the Embroidered design
  • The quantity of the tshirt, polo tee, hoodies or cap that you order
  • Inclusive or not of any individual name, number or title

6. What apparels or corporate gifts can be embroidered?

There are many products which you may consider by using embroidery printing method. A name, message or cute logo could be done.

  • Any tshirt material
  • Any polo shirt material
  • Caps
  • Hoodies or Jackets
  • Short Sleeve / Long Sleeve Shirts
  • Tote Bags
  • Workwear , corporate uniform, chef uniform and etc…
  • Apron (Polyester or Cotton)
  • Backpack with available blank space
  • Blank Fabric
  • Velcro Set ( Running Man )
  • Badges & Name Tags
  • Badges-Embroidery-1024x768 Embroidery

7. What are the advantages and disadvantages?


  • More professional looks when embroidering on a Polo, Suitable for creating a polo tee uniform
  • Embroidered on apparel can be more long-lasting than other printing methods.
  • Can embroider many colors without much additional cost. 4
  • Only can do in solid stitches


  • A bigger size might be more expensive
  • Embroidery is not suitable to be used for light material in low gsm
  • Embroidery not able to do circular dot, TM trademark, or R Registered mark.
  • Small details cannot be done as clear as silkscreen printing.
  • Cannot have a gradient effect.

8. Fun Fact – History 

Embroidery-c-300x270 Embroidery

It is available in various forms ever since the existence of fabrics. The word embroidery originates from a French word “broderie” which means embellishment. In the olden days, embroidery is hand-sewn using just a needle and threads to form an artwork on fabric; ‘painting with thread’ is what embroidery is being called. It is also a symbol of luxury. Created with a needle using prestigious threads (Eg. Silk) or yarns, garments or daily wear that are embroidered are for the royal families around the world.

Motifs created on the precious piece of garment or fabric (Eg. Phoenix, Dragon, and etc) usually contains great meaning or represent the status of an individual. As time goes by and the craftsmanship of embroidery has spread, this technique has developed from being the preserve of the upper class and become a pastime of the people. It is no longer an expensive technique to be considered. However, the premium looks that embroidery presents stays without failing its’ original roots.

9. Where to get a cheap machine in Singapore?

Courts Singapore or Spotlight Singapore offer a various range of small embroidery machine to let customer able to create their small piece of sewing works. The machine cost you In the range between $800 to $2,000 However, this machine only allows you to do piece by piece.

When coming to mass produce, you will need to look for Luminous Printing for the Embroidery service in Singapore.

Video Introduction: What is Embroidery?