T Shirt Printing Method

1.-Summary-Silkscreen T Shirt Printing Method

1. Silkscreen Printing

Summary-Silkscreen T Shirt Printing MethodSilkscreen printing is pretty much one of the most common and popular T Shirt Printing Method. Prints using silkscreen are usually long lasting with a great presentation of colors; it is more vivid. The method involves the use of a stencil to print your design on the garment. Hence, it is what we called as one design for all. Large-scale orders of the same design with consideration of the artwork size, this printing will worth every penny of yours.

This method is best for:

  1. Economical when printing large quantities with one design.
  2. Silkscreen prints are long lasting.
  3. Prints can be used on multiple items.
  4. Solid and vivid colours produced are durable.
2.-Summary-Embroidery T Shirt Printing Method

2. Embroidery Services

Summary-Embroidery T Shirt Printing MethodIf you want your apparel to have a more professional and corporate appeal, look no further than this method. Embroidery enhances the look of a garment. The patterns and designs produced through embroidery are known to last a lifetime. Using an embroidery machine, we allowed up to 10 colours to be sewed onto a fabric in complete precision to form the desired design. Costing is dependent on the size and number of stitches in the design. If you are looking to include individual names and titles in a Stylish way on your apparel, we can do that with embroidery as well.

This method is best for:

  1. More professional looks when embroidering on a Polo, Suitable for creating a polo tee uniform.
  2. Embroidered on apparel can be more long-lasting than other printing methods.
  3. Can embroider many colors without much additional cost.
  4. Only can done in solid stitches.
Dark-Digital-Heat-Transfer-with-Black-bleeding-Line-Logo T Shirt Printing Method

3. Digital Heat Transfer

Summary-Heat-Trasnfer T Shirt Printing MethodPrinting photos and multi-coloured graphics with gradients would never be a worry anymore when it comes to digital transfer. You desired a piece of art will be printed out and transferred to a carrier. The artwork on the carrier will be heat pressed onto the garment of your choice. Price is determined based on the size of your printing. Sizes range from as small as logo size up to A3, you name it we print it. This T Shirt Printing Method is recommended for small run production at reasonable rates with dynamic and durable prints on your apparel.

This method is best for:

  1. Able to transfer a photo, multi-colored artwork, gradient effect to any apparel.
  2. No minimum order quantity required.
4.-Summary-Vinyl-Transfer T Shirt Printing Method

4. Vinyl Printing

Summary-Vinyl-transfer T Shirt Printing MethodLoving the sporty feel for your team? Vinyl printing is best for jersey and tee design. Customization of individual names and numbers is significant for this printing. Representing the spirit of young and bold, names and numbers using a single colour and specific fonts will be printed with a cutting machine. Discarding the excess part and it will then be transferred to the garment using a heat press machine. The final results will definitely have you blown away with the impactful presentation.

This method is best for:

  1. Customization of names and numbers are available.
  2. Suitable to be used for small quantity order.
5.-Summary-DTG T Shirt Printing Method

5. Direct-to-Garment Printing (DTG)

Summary-DTG T Shirt Printing MethodDirect to Garment or DTG Printing is a process of printing on clothing using modified inkjet technology Machine and CMYK Colors method.. DTG printing applies specialized textile inks directly into the fibers of the clothing that is being printed. The only material that is able to print on is any items make in 100% Cotton, like tshirt or tote bag.

This method is best for:

  1. Environmental friendly as it uses direct water-based ink inkjet onto the tshirt. No wastage created as in no transfer paper or medium to be used.
  2. Works perfectly with gradient colors, unlike silkscreen printing.
  3. No Bleeding line, unlike digital Heat Transfer.
dye-sublimation-3 T Shirt Printing Method

6. Dye-Sublimation Printing (Dye-sub)

Summary-Heat-Trasnfer T Shirt Printing Method

Dye-Sublimation or we called in all over dye sublimated t shirt printing, it is a T Shirt Printing Method involves a modified ink jet printer and specially formulated dye sublimation heat sensitive inks. During this process, the inks gasify will transfer into substrates and sink into the white base polyester t shirts to produce a permanent print with no hand feel.

This method is best for:

  1. Printing multi-colored designs and pictures or photos
  2. No additional cost with your complexity of the design
  3. The most long lasting
  4. Hand Free
Gold-Foil-Printing-Logo-size T Shirt Printing Method

7. Foil Printing

Summary-Foil-Printing T Shirt Printing MethodFoil printing is also known as foil stamping or hot stamping. This printing method involves the use of gold or silver colour metallic foil or pigment to be transferred to an artwork or design

This method is best for:

  1. Enhance the presentation of the product as it provides a Stylish and premium feel.
  2. Distinctive as it catches the eye of the public easily.

If you already have the design, you could contact our sales specialist for inquiring the best advice on the printing method that suits your design.

However, if you don’t have the skill or extra time to create your own design, we are happy to help you transform your idea into a logo design or desired message. Moreover, the design service is free of charge subject to you have confirmed a bulk order with us.

If you are not in the above both criteria, you also can look for our design department for the graphic design services before proceed to the T shirt printing department.